Try, Try, Triangle


Try, Try, Triangle

Let us pray to Triangle,

Our God.

Who is everywhere,

And always, everywhere.

Triangle, the mountain each must climb.

Try, try, Triangle

Three unities meet,

Making a true form.

Triangle, Trust, Truth,

Three words meet

Where we meet,

Followers of Triangle,

Who guides us to cool.

Try, try, Triangle,

Where the God of Math

And the God of Graphic Design come together,

To create a third.

Try, try, try us.

We know we were wrong,

Praising dots and squares.

Triangle, forgive us, condemn us.

Your three corners,

180 degrees.

Try, try, Triangle


A broken square,

A heart,

Try, try, Triangle

The male, the female and the creative power,

The sky, the earth and the living creatures,

The union of two that creates the third,

Try, try, Triangle


Originally published in Neue Probleme magazine

Text by Maurits de Bruijn