I Know of Many Mountains


I Know of Many Mountains

i know of many Mountains

one made out of


there are hundreds

wrapped in shiny paper

it’s not

the Mountain

i speak of

nor the Mountains of cities

the abundance of lights

decorating the streets

not the Mountains of bodies

skin tones

interrupted by body folds

naked and pressed

it’s not

the Mountain

accompanied by a halo of stars

that appears

before the movie starts

neither do i speak of

piles of clothing

of unused things

creating Mountains

so that the unused

can be named

not even the hollow Mountains

how to depict that

deny all

photos and drawings

of Mountains

let’s say the Mountains behind the Mountain

are not the Mountains we speak of

the one I can speak of

you find

in mountless countries

where the land remains uninterrupted

and the absence of Mountains

is what people speak of

the land not

capable to

influence the character of the

country’s inhabitants

mountless landscapes not to be mourned

its people know exactly

which Mountain they speak of

the Mountain that is

to come

Originally published in Mountain Zine

Poem by Maurits de Bruijn