Everything But Untitled


Everything But Untitled

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Originally published in 50 by Sarah Poletti

Text by Maurits de Bruijn

this is the First Day Of My Life. we’re on a Road To Nowhere in the Month Of May, or a Road To Somewhere in the Suburbs. Come With Us, because We Love You.

now Music Is My Boyfriend and i will be a One Man Guy. i don’t need Boys, Boys, Boys because they are Toxic and give me Fever. they make me go to the Heartbreak Hotel for Rehab. where they tell me I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.

I Bet You Think This Song Is About You.

you gave me Sex For Breakfast, Like A Virgin Late In The Sunny Afternoon and You Made Me Forget My Dreams. Billie Jean, Girl of my Dreams, These Dreams were Sweet Dreams. Nobody Does It Better. but it was Not About Love. i May have Misread your Shyness for hotness, you Daydreamer.

I’m Waking Up To Us. we should start Seeing Other People. like Tom The Model, The Girl From Ipanema or The Boy With The Arab Strap. I’ll Be Seeing You. It Must Have Been Love, There Will Never Be Another You, but I Haven’t Got Time For The Pain. i wonder, What Have You Done For Me Lately? Life Will Go On. All I Need is Someone New. If I Had A Heart, i’d stay with you. Suddenly I See I’m Leaving You, Because I Don’t Love You, actually Every Day I Love You Less And Less. Things Will Never Be The Same Again, With Or Without You cause, You’ve Changed. That’s The Way Love Goes. Don’t You (Forget About Me) but there will be No More “I Love You’s”. Bye Bye Bye, If You Ever Need A Stranger (To Sing At Your Wedding) Say It Right?

As I Went Out One Morning i Had A Dream About You, Baby And I Said To Myself After Today i’ll be Stronger. This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave. it Took You Two Years To Win My Heart and now you Lost it. Whatever, it must be my Lust For Life. It Always Comes As A Surprise, it is never On My Mind. Another Suitcase In Another Hall, Your Sweetness Is My Weakness, and that’s Nobody’s Fault But My Own

and now, i travel alone, a Boy Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed Up but We All Feel Better In The Dark, where we’ll be Mistaken For Strangers. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry. i go from Station To Station, endless journey and it seems like Nothing Really Matters. Deeper And Deeper, i go into the underground. besides the track in the middle of an Overload of Empty Cans and Angels With Dirty Faces is the place Where The Wild Roses Grow. they would be Dying In Africa, Don’t You Think?

Everyone Says Hi on Friday Including All The Young Dudes Always Crashing In The Same Car in the Underground. Good Morning, Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)! in search of a more Hidden Place, Daniel is In The Back Seat, with the Beautiful Boyz, the Young Americans. His Cellphone’s Dead, his Video Phone. He Doesn’t Know Why. it’s Something Stupid. he should have someone Check Up On It, but he’s Homesick.

Who’s That Girl? I Gotta Feeling I Saw Her In The Anti War Demonstration. Do You Remember The Riots? during those Chocolate Years, Baby. all the Sugar, Sugar and Vitamin C we put in our Lemonade to make us look as young as a Foetus. i’ll look the way i did during my My Boyish Days, filled with Sun. how they were the perfect Songtrack To Falling In Love. when i still had so much Expectations.

but it’s Me Against The Music from now on. and me against the art. Andy Warhol! Pablo Picasso! they are People From Bad Homes, you Art Bitch! Like It Or Not, most artist are Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves who are afraid about Being Boring and want to be Absolutely Fabulous. even though, the Art Is Hard.

i’m a China Girl who is Growing Up And I’m Fine. the Golden Years are behind me, but God Knows I’m Good. I’m Afraid Of America and of Repetition, of Sex And The Church i am Overprotected by the Paparazzi who drink out of the Beercan in a Beautiful Way and as i walk out of the bar i tell them: I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore. i am not a 100% Madonna, call me blitney speals Jesus Doesn’t Love Me cause i am Dirrrty!. i’m A Slave 4 U and therefor i am the one who (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

it is so hard to Hard To (Live In The City) and to be around Grand Central. the metro is really Big In Japan and many people use it to kill themselves. and all Songs Remind Me Of You, The Songs Remain The Same because Anyone Can Play Guitar, it’s the writers who make the best musicians. they should be able to write Lyrics To Go. i’m a Voyager, who travels in Kilometer and in miles. i’m on the Run For Cover. i Don’t Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come when i find peace. until then, i just put One Foot In Front Of The Other and there are a Million Different Ways to do that. all those Footsteps.

we’re going through the Magic Doors, we’ll be Travellin’ Underground.

Black Coffee is one of My Favourite Things. and Candy, it helps me through it. and now i’m Very, Very Hungry. or maybe Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk. Thank You.

a strong Cup Of Coffee with a Black Cherry, At Least It Was a good day, food wise.

i’ve seen Amsterdam, i’ve been Around The World, i’ve met Nietzsche and Mohammed. i’ve been on this Steam Machine, i’ve been Running Up That Hill. When I Was A Young Girl, i was a Stupid Girl, wearing Sunglasses and holding on to a Latin Lover. i’ve been Sleepless, i’ve known Happiness. I’ve Seen That Face Before, i’ve been Cool and Luxurious. yeah, i’ve played the Wicked Game together with Three Little Babes. i’ve listened to Your Song. i’ve been Blind, i’ve been to The Beach Party and i was in Trouble, i’ve seen god and God Put A Smile Upon My Face, he has Green Eyes or Yellow but i’ve remained Godless. Jesus Loves Me only on Good Friday.

What Can I Do? For Today I Am A Boy and I Need A Dollar, ill write it on a A3 and then i can get Ready For The Weekend. and, then with all those dollars Let’s Buy Happiness. Day By Day i feel more like a Tourist. not Very Fancy, like a Frankenstein In Transit.

i feel like a Loser, i should Fight For Your Right To Party, but during Happy Hour, You Better Be Doubtful or i’ll get Huriccane Drunk.

I’m Gonna Try Living In America, but i can’t be Something I’m Not. Spend The Night Sad, Like Hearts Can Be, Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping. For Once In My Life, I Love New York. i will love the Statues. the Self-Catering even. its the State Of Art. that I Should Be So Lucky to be there. Congratulation on My Life in Manhattan. but Today Has Been OK, so i might Stay Another Day. in the meantime, Play That Funky Music White Boy, What You Waiting For? Play it Over And Over.

Please Don’t Stop The Music, You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want. we hear all the songs On The Radio and i tell you to Move Your Feet, Shake Your Coconuts and D.A.N.C.E. Push That Button and sing Na Na Na Na Naa. ooh, the Sound Of Music it’s Party Time and God Is A DJ. this is better than our Honeymoon! i also made a Mix Tape.

your hair looks a lot like Gold In The Air Of Summer, or like Honey. like Samson, You’ve Got The Power in your hair. Will You Dance With Me?

well, I’d Rather Dance With You Than Talk With You. FUCK! Feelings. but I Don’t Feel Like Dancing.

Lovely Creature, why don’t You Spin Me Round? Don’t Say No!

we can dance at All Tomorrows Parties and In Dreams I Dance With you

that’s sweet, but there’s No Parking On The Dancefloor

a Man Walks Into A Bar, it’s obviously a Single Bar. he is looking for some Skinny Love: “All You Need Is Love And I Love Her. Hallelujah, I Love Her So, have to tell her Got To Get You Into My Life, but i will always see Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. from there, she sends me letters but Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues.” You Make It Easy and show him your bare shoulder. Hello Dolly! I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, he says. you remain silent. You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave. “Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends!”, he yells at no one in particular. and at that moment, you realize he’s an asshole. you look him in the eye and tell him: “better Hang With Me Bad Boy, Call Me cause i don't want to be Dancing On My Own.”

Lewis Takes Off His Shirt, what a Womanizer! How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously

What Do You Think Will Happen Now?

He Was A Friend Of Mine

I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

Hey Baby, We Are Destroying The Song, all My Favorite Songs!

Everyone Deserves Music, every Liberian Girl, every Eurochild, every Stranger In Moscow, Black Or White. Stop Bothering Michael Jackson, he was a Genius! Paris Hilton really is Like A Little Bitch, a Pure Pleasure Seeker. She’s Lost Control and it became A Public Affair. it’s always a Twenty Four Hours buzz with her, I Cannot Contain This. she should fight for Rights For Gays and mind Somebody Else’s Business. these it-girls go all out with their The Make Up, but there is So Much Beauty In The Subconscious. look at the Lady In Red, totally Glam, totally Vogue, but very close to the K-Hole.

Last Night is saw this Filmstar, she’s Fit But You Know It. She is a great Freak Like Me, but Stronger. i asked her: are you not Tired Of Being An Object? ands she went: It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane in this industry. and The Closing Of The Doors trapped Ruby Blue on her way out. the poor Movie Star. her gracious Body Language. she tells Sweet Nothings to the camera, leaving me Overpowered, Gimme More!

every Dynasty is a Circus. and Gossip Girl discusses all of them. Narcissus lives in Utopia, he has never been a very Sympathetic Character.

back to the the metro, such Another World. but the Changing Of The Seasons is evident. All The Lovers are on board, exchanging The Look Of Love. It Might As Well Be Spring. who is the Lucky One? the Youth shows Real Love and Poses like a Cruel Summer. now where is that Lover Of Mine? who comes to me like Honey To The Bee. that Pretty Pretty Star. who’s shows a Sunday Smile. Who Is It? all these Mysteries and Romance. it seem as if All Is Full Of Love. Yeah, there is some Big Time Sensuality going on. i want to float Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood. Everybody Wants The Same Thing. the Men In This Town and the Single Ladies. still, I Didn’t Have Any Summer Romance, I Am Not Good At Getting What I Want. and to think It Was Supposed To Be So Easy. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.

The Songs We Sing On The Subway. why am i always next to The Tallest Man, The Broadest. To Be Alone With You, my friend called music. Your Love Is King. you’re sending me Postcards From Italy but Please Send Me Someone To Love. me and Romeo are just Passing Time, he can Try It (I’m In Love With A Married Man). he’s only a boy who doesn’t know What It Feels Like For A Girl. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing but he gave me A Rush Of Blood To The Head. plus, I Didn’t Have The Nerve To Say No to French Kissing In The USA. Loving You Is A Dirty Job But Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

and then they suddenly announce: “The Loco-Motion is Especially For You today because We Love Guys Names Luke. i once had a Pet named luke.”

i guess The State That I Am In fits the train that i am on, the Road To Joy. Last Night A DJ Save My Life, it was One Hell Of A Party, an All Disco party, i screamed: Happy Birthday To Me! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I Want A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me. oh Lover I Don’t Have To Love your Harley Davidson! suck on Bubble Gum, because Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex. My Friend Jack is a Hunter, No Woman No Cry is his Mantra. he doesn’t have to go Shopping For Girls, he doesn’t have to Try Some, Buy Some. he is now Faster Than The Speed Of Night and thinks about The Future, Wouldn’t That Be Nice. he can’t stand the Traffic Jam On My Way To Work or having to look for a Parking Space but Venice has no Underground. The City Has Sex according to him it’s like a Circus. Rock Me In Crazy Berlin Rock The Casbah. Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love And Be Loved), the War Between The Sexes will never be solved. just another one of his Mantra’s.

A Man, Hands Clean sees Right Through You. hoping That I Would Be Good, i give ten dollars to the man and say: “You Owe Me Nothing In Return.”

What Goes Around/Comes Around

On The Drive Home, i pass the Campus and it makes me think of the The Blue Notebooks that must be Frozen by now. i remember Hints of it:

1984, Felt Mountain

you were My Jamaican Guy And I Was A Boy From School.

i was once Suspended From Class, because i went to the Swimming Pool and (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life.

it was My Prerogative when i was a Teenager.

Noah ate those Pumpkin Seeds and looked like a Little Monkey.

we were Only Happy When It Rains, we’d look at the Colours.

at night you’d tell me my Bedtime Story about the Search For The Hero.

we’d dream of Hollywood, of the American Life.

I Was A Landscape In Your Dream, you told me i looked like Oslo In The Summertime.

we were both Down With Prince, we thought of him as Sexual Chocolate, yes were totally Hung Up.

this is how we work on our own little Sexual Revolution in the countryside.

and These Days were Beautiful

Take Care Sweet Baby and Thank You

your Easy Rider

on Summer Days we used to wear an Umbrella against Trouble, like in 1901 in Rome.

because of the blooming Magnolia we could Stay In The Shade Doing Nothing but Kissing In The Grass, looking at The Bug. It Must Be Obvious we were meant to be.

the Beachball didn’t seem to be bothered by Gravity, it was totally Numb. it even seemed to be Comfortably Numb.

Susan, The Trees Were Mistaken. the Fallen Snow was fake. Winter remains Undeclared. God? I Know Where The Summer Goes. such a Funny Time Of Year, summer.

I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today

Why Is Your Raincoat Always Crying?

i’m in need of Another Spring. Have You Ever Seen The Rain, that November Rain?

ugh, Cry When You Get Older about how Every Day Is Like Sundays.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, You’re My Best Friend, now Don’t Rain On My Parade

i’m So Sorry

you’re so Uptight (Everything Is Alright)

and then it happened suddenly: Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do cause you can’t Handle Me. I Need Some Fine Wine And You Need To Be Nicer, Motherfucker From Hell! OMG, why are you so Ugly? Rude Boy, it’s Enough. show me some Respect! it’s Us VS Them now! Two Against Three! All My Friends are here. he’s a Friend Of Mine. and he. Everyone’s At It. it’s not the Time To Get Away. don’t let The Fear stop you. let The Fight start! Today’s The Day! You Could Make A Killing if you keep Going Through The Motions. oh, they’re Calling It Quits. now, i’m the King Of The Jailhouse and you have no Choice In The Matter! put that in your Video, Amateur! That’s Just What You Are! You’re With Stupid Now, tell him to Wise Up! don’t mess with Guys Like Me! yeah, Another One Bits The Dust!

“Did You Mean It To Be A Fight or is that Your Weakest Spot? cause We Don’t Need Another Hero.”

Mamma Mia, Can I Get A Witness of all this Anger? One is Guilty and Foolish but if we don’t hurry he’s Gone.

SOS: this metro is Driving Sideways! Man Overboard! is the driver Driving With One Hand One The Wheel, or something? this metro, It Never Changes To Stop. it’s a Broken Train! we’re Upside Down now! i’m still on Tram #7 To Heaven though, because You Are The Light (By Which I Travel Into This And That). it’s Too Hot in here , cause everyone is way too Close To Me. they should behave like Strangers In The Wind. Call An Ambulance, Call The Police, they can Kiss My Name. Run Run Run, the Family Portrait is On Fire! Drop It Like It’s Hot! it’s probably because of that Balcony Smoker. he thought is was Time To Burn. or maybe the Sentimental Guy who was done with this Prison Food and wanted to go and Smoke a Cigarette. the Nicotine & Gravy, Milk & Honey, Peaches & Cream is Irreplaceable for people like him. he told me: My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada but is Made In Italy, wants to Emigrate To The Moon and needs 5000 Euro. she’s hoping Fantasies Come True. she wants to get rid of The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth and find Sunshine And Clouds And Everything Proud.

he continues: “What Have I Done To Deserve This? Yesterday, When I Was Mad and i showed A Little Death Around The Eyes i was mean? but I Made My Excuses And Left! Here in London Where The Streets Have No Name i can’d do anything. in London London By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down And Wept thinking I Wish How It Would Feel To Be Free. and None Of Dem knew. i’m a New York City Boy! Kids In America are all Too Young and too cool for Shool’s Rules. I’m An Actor and i show Emotions. Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist, i was Leaving New York to live my Super Fantasy and see Miracles but all i find is an Imitation Of Life. it was nothing More Than A Dream. New York, I Love You! you are One In A Million! but i Still Can’t Return (Still Trying), it’s Something You Can’t Return To. like old Jerusalem. it feels like My Whole World’s Coming Apart and i’m longing for The Way It Used To Be.

Oh Dear, I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today. If I Ever Feel Better, i will wear some. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Things. i am such a Bad Babysitter, i can’t believe it.”

“Oh Father, Everyone Loves You When You Down but I Hate You So Much Right Now. Get Around To It, to The Platform i mean. you seem either Crazy or just a A Little Lost. here's some Horchata. Eat That Up, It's Good For You.”

“Everybody Hates Me, i need to learn how to How To Make Friends. i'm in a Golden Cage.” and he rambles on: “Wow! i have to find Ways And Means and use Me And My Imagination i am an Actor Out Of Work. i need Chocolate, because Chocolate Makes You Happy. and i'm not talking about hash. you should put it in your Handbags And Gladrags. Maybe Tomorrow we can eat nothing but chocolate. eat it like a motherfucker. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, it's this special swiss pure chocolate, it taste like a Raspberry Swirl or some other Strange Fruit. Candy gives you the The Same Old Innocence that youth gives you.”

and then, my father reminded me of that Refugee on this train who showed a shiny Teardrop while he was Waiting For A Train that moves Uncomfortably Slow. he was wearing a t shirt that said: I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy. that was the only piece of clothing he wore during The Great Escape. that, and the Weight Of The World. i hope he’ll make Happy Children one day and that he will look at them From Across The Kitchen Table and tell them A Lovestory that does not involve Christ or Lucifer and that he’ll teach them to not be Cruel To The Kind. i hope right now he’s already Close To Paradise, that he’ll make some Easy Cash.

i should have given him some Opium Shampoo, it brings me in Ecstacy. oh, i Wanna Be Black, i love their Stylo. i want to be part of the Brothers, they’re such Pure, Perfect and Beautiful People. Men In Black usually live on Islands. My Oh My, are they gorgeous. Miami will soon be an island too, you know. and i’ll be A Well Respected Man. i’ll be the Creator of the first Black Barbie, without even having a Black Background myself. we’d look so nice together, we are Ebony ’n Ivory, and my heart beats like Jungle Drums. let’s try 100% Fidelity, You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. .

I Wanna Be your Dog and Sleep, Sleep To Dream next to you. i’ll lie there like a Needle In The Hay and won’t Lose My Breath

Conversation 16:

“If We’re In Love Laura, we need to talk. you are So Pure Still. in the Heart Of The House i will be Joining You, we can live our Precious Illusions, Surrendering to That Particular Time. Underneath Fake Plastic Trees. Part Time Lover please stay Forever Sixteen or maybe Seventeen and i will stay Hopefully Yours. Clothe Yourself For The Wind, we’re taking A Walk In The Park. we’ll sit underneath the Cherry Tree, avoid the Wasp Nest and drink All The Wine if you’re Thirsty and eat Something Nice. you’ll Runaway to your Lemonworld or England, The End Of A Love Affair, You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go. what a Terrible Love.”

“it feels like it’s The Last Supper, You’re The First, The Last, My Everything. The Kiss was Too Fake, Don’t You Want Me. you kiss like Robocop, or like German Girl. it’ ok, I Got The Message. i will go looking for Somebody Super Like You who isn’t a Caged Bird. Sha La La La La, I Go I Go I Go i’m gonna Fade To Grey. i’m going through The Doors.”

“you’re a Barbie Girl, such a Maneater, you have none of the Delicate Tenderness that Lola has. she might be The Opposite Of Adults. with her Loose Lips she spends her time, sucking on a Sour Cherry Lollipop. she sucks a hole as big as the Grand Canyon and makes me feel Young Again. i would Punch You In The Jeans if you’d ever hurt her. i’m telling you, You Can’t Touch This.”

“Dear Jessie, Don’t Tell Me you’re down. let’s go on a Holiday and listen to Music, Forever More for Aeons, not just 4 Minutes. Let’s Do Everything Again For The First Time.”

Dear Diary

the Broken Land is now divided by Two Rivers and a lot of Empty Space and a Rootless Tree where Ghost Trains are Driving, or better said, are Traveling Without Moving. For Now, I Wish I Could Go Back To College and feel Special again. i went to School with my Walkman, when i was Nineteen. everyone was So Jealous. my first Fast Car was a Little Red Corvette with a Russian Radio. i told the car: “i’m ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ but then i did. i threw it in the Water. i know it’s a Cliche, but We Are All Getting Old. growing up gives a Sinking Feeling, filled with Sweet Nothings. people come over and tell me: “There Is Life Outside Your Apartment, more Parallel Lives!” and i do Get It Get It, I Don’t Feel Like Dancing! then they go all: “Your Disco Needs You!”

but then i think Weekend Wars are always followed by a Blue Monday and i always Paint It Black, those mondays.

Monday Morning the Traveling Woman with Sad Eyes mumbles: “I Love My Car, I Hate Boys” as She Moves In Her Own Way. She’s So Strange. All That She Wants is Body Heat, but her Vanity… She’s The One, she’s Sarah. She’s A Wild Horse and She Moves In Her Own Way. Yeah, She Wants To Move, She’s A Rejector. but Love’s A Better Way To Travel and the Man Of Constant Sorrow is sitting next to her. and the Ramblin Man, who’s speaking Of Moons, Birds & Monsters. he is definitely the King Of Sorrow.

Please, Please, Please, Some People in the subway are just Too Much! like Earth Intruders! no Human Behavior. i’m a Citizen Of The Planet, Just Like Anyone, working 9 to 5. i’m getting World Sick because Everybody Wants To Rule The World. “Mad World, Where Is The Line?”

1234, i need Patience but I’m Like A Bird.

then, the Man In The Mirror shows a Smile, Nervously giving me a Familiar Feeling. Ms Jackson is a Sleepyhead. must be hard, to be michael’s Momma. his Message will reach everyone through Music, Pop Goes The World. on Trains To Brazil. the Radio Ladio will spread it.

oh… Better Luck next time, right now there are only Tits On The Radio. how come Music Is The Victim always, The Internet Is For Porn, the radio for music.

and again, we go through the Magic Doors, we’ll be Travellin’ Underground, where we hear stories.

“back in 1979, i learned the ABC Again from a Beautiful Stranger. he would Kiss It Better if i made a mistake. he was very Careful, fed me American Pie. later after he disappeared, I asked him and he said: ‘i was Afraid You Told Someone About Us. he let The Fear control him, stupid teacher.’ or ‘About Today, i have a Date at a Funeral. there has been a Murder On The floor. all the Victim Of The Crime was saying was: Music Gets The Best Of Me, but The Beat Goes On. now, they want to Shut The Club Down. It’s Easy To Sleep When You’re Dead. What I Would Say In Your Funeral? i would probably say: Damn I Wish I was Your Lover. i will Take A Bow till Infinity. by the way, why are there always Old People In The Cemetery?’ and ‘the new iphone is like The Machine, it’s too Technologic for me. Everyone Suffers from these new developments, but it’s Do Or Die. The Scientist look at Clocks, Inside And Out. me, I Love A Computer and all it can do. Imagine all the Changes that will happen between Today and 2080. Some Unholy War will be fought, more than one probably. Meet Me In The Morning in Five Years.’ yes, even: ‘You Don’t Know My Name, you always call me Lua. and you say Starlet Johansson instead of scarlet johansson. You’re So Vain, you only think about yourself. That’s Us / Wild Combination, Me And Mr. Jones.’”

i heard on about this City Boy walks in to the diner and orders Pancakes For One and lots of Ice Cream, bolls of Peach, Plum, Pear. his Ex-Girlfriend is there too, and starts talking to him: Hey, What’s The Matter, Why Does The Wind blow in Summer Time The Roughest Time? ugh, and why am i always Unemployed In Summertime? he looks down to his ice creams and says: Pretty Shoes, Are You Gonna Be My Girl? she puts her foot down: If You Want Me Say Please! he didn’t see this coming: wow, If Looks Could Kill! as she walks out, she yells: Boy Strange! You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk!!!

“Fuck It, The World Is Coming To My Party in Six Seconds! Word Up. you’ve all been Waiting For Tonight. Hello, Hello Kids, Daft Punk Is Playing At My House! that makes my house into the Hot Spot for Tonight, i would say! Trash my party! Red, Red Wine should be a part of Breakfast In Bed, still wearing our Shoes and sunglasses, cause we wear our Sunglasses At Night. we won’t be on time for the Buffet, we’re way too cool for that.”

“While We Wait For The Others, i notice it Smells Like Teen Spirit. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?”

“Where It’s At, maybe at the Side Of The Road?”

“oh we made it. now Who Will kiss A Boy Like Me? Woohoo will marry The Libertine? after all this Careless Talk, Accident & Emergency i want to Get Lost in the Secret Garden. i want to be Enchanted by The Stars and a Magpie …Baby One More Time.”

“I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party but there is Someone To Say Hi To, i heard The Voice Of An Old Friend.”

people here listen to Music Non Stop. they should Dance, Dance, Dance, it seems like The Right Thing To Do. I Drove All Night and now I Wanna Dance With Somebody. ugh, these girls don’t dance, these Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. their Poker Face look Crazy, Ugliest Girl In The World but they do Bring Me To Life. This Love is Complicated, but maybe We Belong Together. My Life Would Suck Without You, but i’m not Crazy In Love.

I Kissed A Girl who is Stronger, Better, Faster, now you Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog, A Higher Power was in Control.

This Piece Of Poetry Is Ment To Do Harm

Stick It In!!! The Sex That I Need

Pissing In The Wind

We’re All Gonna Fucking Die, Please Wake Me Up For Meals

I Love Rock & Roll is Our Song at the Bible Club. Dear God, I Hate Myself. If You Were Gay you’d probably be into Sexual Sportswear and look kind of Filthy/Gorgeous. There’s A Fine, Fine Line between those two. you’d say English Boys Look Good In Blue and i’d believe you.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun in your bag, knowing you could use it anytime you need. capable of starting a Revolution you walk down the street and think to yourself It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine). cause When The World Keeps Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around. i can’t believe how Everyone Else In The World is Lazy and thinks The World Is Save.

now, Keep The Car Running! let the Headlights Look Like Diamonds. like one of the Speeding Cars. look at the Street Lights on the Highway Of Endless Dreams. we can be the King Of The Road. and king of the world. Ain’t No Mountain HIgh Enough, right?

Step Into My Office, Baby it will be Just The Two Of Us. have a seat. my Compliments, you did great, Killing An Arab. even though, It’s A Little Too Late it was all over the Magazines. Here’s The Thing, Choke On A Cock, Chubby Princess! am i Bitter? No, I Just Love To Complain

without Monica Lewinsky, we would have never had a First Black President, The Most Radical Thing To Do. but I Don’t Want To Talk About It, it’s way too Serious. i’d rather speak of Kennedy or about Pulp Heroes. Batman has a Brother With An Ego, Superman Can’t Move His Legs, I Was Hoping Peter Pan Would Not Come. Peter And The Wolf know i’m just a Sullen Girl. in The Future Of The Future we’ll al be Wandering On The Milky Way, till that time, I Walk The Line and ill try to Stay Out Of Troubles. I’m Alive in 2012 i hope. and then Everyone’s The Same Age. It Happened Before Our Time, all of History. and now, We’re Looking For A Lot Of Love. This Is How We Walk On The Moon but Heaven Can Wait cause My Heart Will Go On. My Heart Is An Apple of undefinable power. Believe me it’s not Ironic. it’s More Or Less The Sort Of Shit Ex-Lovers Get Restraining Orders For. i’ve been seen Collapsing At Your Doorstep with A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left. Maybe Someday i’ll take Pictures Of You, but I’m Leaving It Up To You. i would Miss You Like Crazy without those photos. you hated me because I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl and that’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine. My Man’s Gone Now. My Sweet Lord, Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair. Since I Fell For You it Seems I’m Never Tired Of Loving You. I Ain’t Got No life but there’s a New World Coming to Save Me, and everything will Turn Turn Turn and i’ll be Feeling Good. this Mood Indigo Ain’t No Use. Here Comes The Sun and He Needs Me. someday, I Get Along Without You Very Well.

i need Love On The Phone more than Love On A Couch, let’s take it Slow and then make it More, More, More. It Feels So Good now I’ve Got The Power.

This Time Tomorrow, i’ll be here again. With Every Heartbeat, with Every Breath You Take, You Take My Breath Away. Listen Now, i’m On My Own Again. Pass This On.

Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby but they will never succeed because Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey. While You Were Sleeping, i decided to Crack A Bottle and Stay Wide Awake for Two Weeks straight. i started Feeling Without Touching. If Winter Ends i will be able to see The Difference In The Shades In Your Eyes, again.

Walk Like An Egyptian and Draw a Dinosaur For Me

No Friend Oh! I Do What I Want When I Want

and that is?

oh, This Crazy Little Thing Called Love, mostly

Readymade love,

Your Mockin’ Me, you said Something About Ass. are you calling me fat?

Angel, You Are An Airplane. the Stars Are Blind and they can’t see it, but i can.

Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward, they are Ready For The Floor

as you are Walking In Memphis, you hear Bang Bang everywhere and (The World Is Full Of) Married Men like who Brian Eno who owns a Gucci Bed, i think it’s a bit Over The Top. but well, You Only Live Twice.he can pay someone to Move This Mountain Round Round, till it’s By The Sea. but the mountain suddenly responds: I Won’t Change. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas because he has Too Much Money. Money, Money Money but he says Nothing In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ’Bout That Girl. Millionaire, give me Sparkling Diamonds, because Diamonds Are Forever and Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. yeah i know i’m a Material Girl, Papa Don’t Preach

The Ghost Of Corporate Future is Torn at the Dept. Of Forgotten Songs and asks For Emma: oh, There She Goes, My Beautiful World. If I Could Turn Back Time.

before, when we reached The End Of The World, The Survivors discovered that New Love Grows On Trees and that is What Keeps Mankind Alive. Man Gave Names To All The Animals in Noahs’ Ark, it’s was one of the Events During Flood. but The Animals Were Gone, the Elephant, the Dogs.

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life. become a Fortune Teller? or another Plan B?

Nothing Is Good Enough. as soon as we’ll leave this metro We Will Become Silhouettes.

the subway fits our Modern Timing. we’re always on a Fast Car, realizing we are Borrowing Time. oh, these are Hard Times.

Hey Ya Dear Miami, i’m Leaving The City. can’t bear this any longer. America, America, I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish, Goodbye Stranger. I Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye. . See You Around Maybe It Can’t Come Quickly Enough.

We Were Driving Sideways, Beautiful Calm Driving. the Autobahn has replaced The Canals Of Our City. now we ask the City Calm Down, Save Me. give me A Walk In The Park. I Prefer the Twentieth Century to this Modern World. Runway, Houses, City, Clouds.

Hallelujah, we’ve reached the Port Of Amsterdam. That’s How I knew This Story Would Break My Heart, This Is It

Take Care, Sweet Potato. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, but Here’s Where The Story Ends